Sunday, February 12, 2012

Domain Flipping For A Profit

Domain flipping for a profit is a two part strategy. First part is you can buy domain names and resell them without a lot of extra workload. The second strategy is to purchase a domain and build a site, get it ranked, and drive traffic to the site for max profits. Either way you need to know how to research the keywords and find key niche markets that will be profitable. You will need a good research tool if you do not have one. It would be good for you to pick things or niches you know about so you can have an opportunity to be more successful. This is not all the information and training you will need to be successful. This is a brief rundown to get you in the right direction in domain flipping for a profit.

 Lets take the first strategy because it requires the least amount of work, time, and energy. The key here is figuring out which domain names that you can sell quickly so your funds are not all tied up. Because you should be buying in bulk so you can get the best discount and make more money per sale. You must realize that not every domains will sell. When this happens sell them in bulk. Try to pick keywords or keyword phrases that will make it easier to get the site ranked. Sometimes you may not be able to sell a site and will need to get the site ranked with traffic coming to the site in the shortest amount of time so you can then sell the site.

That brings us to the second strategy that will require a little work. As long as you picked a domain name that has good ranking keywords and little competition you stand a good chance in getting that site ready to sell. You will need to know about QSR (quoted search results) and keyword quality indicators. These are supplied with a great research tool like Jaazy. Plus it will tell you if those keywords are available for a domain name. I like to chose keywords that are local so I can use the professions in that business to advertise on that site to make it more valuable. Example: Dallas Dentist Directory. It has a QRS rating of 29 which is extremely low and would be easy to get ranked. SEO power of 87 which is great. Monthly searches of 100 and estimated traffic of 17. With a little work, a few blogs, and maybe a few phone calls to some local dentist you could be making a few dollars and increasing the value of your site when your ready to sell. You might even want to keep it.

Domain flipping for a profit just takes a good research tool, time, creativity, and know that your plan will work. Try small on about 5 domains when you first start getting your feet wet. Think of the 2 step strategy and be willing to dig in and build those sites that do not sell. You want to do the least amount of work as possible. So pick great keywords that can be turned into domain names. You want to be able to get them ranked fast and get other advertisers paying you a little profit. You want QSR ratings under 400 and SEO power at least in the 80's. Check the competition before you decide and then start taking action. Domain flipping for a profit can be enjoyable and make you some extra cash along your internet marketing career.


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