Thursday, February 2, 2012

Compare Wealthy Affiliate - Independant review

When we try and compare wealthy affiliate to any other programs we keep running into the same thing over and over. They have the best value. We found a program ( Keyword Academy, they seemed like a descent company) that was a little cheaper but it did not include many of the tools or training that Wealthy Affiliate had included. So you would have been required to go purchase the items that were missing and would of started to pay about the same or more depending on what level you were to join at. Plus you would of received less in value based on everything that is included. Bottom line is that you get what you pay for. Wealthy Affiliate is far more superior and includes more tools, training, and a bigger community of internet marketers that have been established for many years with more results. They have been tested with time and with real people getting results. Me personally I like results more than any other comparisons. They also include one on one training with the owners of the company that the other company did not have. It seems they used to do that except there community got to be larger than they could handle. Wealthy Affiliate did not have this problem and have a larger community.

Live Chat Training: This seems to be a major benefit in choosing WA over the other program that only included Video training. The WA system also includes Live video training. This is a outstanding way to train affiliate marketers because of:

1. Instant Communication: you can share information, get instant feed back, get assistance, and have more success in your online marketing efforts with this instant communication that teaches right now.

2. Every Week: They have interactive training on various topics. Topics are different each week and are based on the fast evolving internet. Compare Wealthy Affiliate and no one compares.

Here are a sneak peek at some recent topics:
A. Everything Internet Marketing and Make Money Online.
B. Niche finding Techniques and Strategies.
C. The Domain Business and Earning money with domains.
D. WA Shout Out System a unique way to make money.
E. Making your First Sale.
F. Keyword Research, How to be effective and efficient.
G. Google Panda Updates.

3. You can also create your own Chat: This is another great big deal for those that want answers now and need a little coaching so you can get answers in just minutes.

4. Instant Help: This is so awesome because we have people from all over the world in different time zones and no need to worry because you can join into an already topic going on or start your own topic. Compare Wealthy Affiliate to anyone and you can see that they are the leaders for a reason.

Wealthy Affiliate is just way ahead in the internet training arena. They have this excellent library of over 500 tutorials that are available to you the moment you join. They have audios, video, and a whole lot more. Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for a very long time when you compare other programs that have come and gone. These guys know what works and have the evidence to prove it. Everyone else can talk a big game and will change their program or even go out of business. One thing that is certain is that Wealthy Affiliate has had numerous success stories and proven methods of training that work. Compare Wealthy Affiliate to any program you want and you will find that you still get the best bang for your buck anyway you look at it.

Compare Wealthy Affiliate. You be the judge. Once you try it out you are going to be so glad that you took my advice. I've been there and did what you are probably doing. Searching for an easy way into internet marketing. There are no easy ways into this business. You got to work at it no matter what anyone tells you. I've only touched on a few things that WA offers. So now it's up to you.
Another note is that I am not a member of either organization. I am an Affiliate Marketer of WA and not the other organization for the above reasons. I believe WA is superior when you compare wealthy affiliate to any other training company.

Leave me a comment if you would. I'd like to hear your opinion.

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