Thursday, February 16, 2012

Affiliate Marketing Examples

You can find affiliate marketing examples all over the internet. Today we will show you a site that uses affiliate marketing and is a work in progress. This site has only been out for about few weeks and needs a lot of work. We just wanted to give you some affiliate marketing examples as they evolve and work their way up the search engines. We are not using any PPC and want to use all free advertising to see if we can get this site ranked. As a matter of fact this site that you are on is one of the affiliate marketing examples that is also a free site that needs some work and is already listed in the search engines.

We basically start out with an idea and some products that we want to promote. You need to know some basic search engine optimization, know where to get a free site that includes hosting (blogger is one), set up the site, and start posting blogs with at least ten posts. It is actually better to get your own domain and hosting because you do not have full control of your site and we have heard stories of people that have lost their entire sites and had no backup. We suggest that anything you post save it in your word documents. These affiliate marketing examples are showing you how to get started.

These affiliate marketing examples are being used for the people that want to get some affiliate marketing online coaching that cannot really fit any expenses in their budget. Next sign up for some affiliate programs that are offered by reliable sources like some of the favorites:

1. Amazon
2. Click Bank
3. Commission Junction
4. Share a Sale
5. Pepperjam Network

These are just a few of our favorite places to find affiliate programs that you will need to promote products.
There are many others you can check out. These are all credited and actually pay you when you earn money. Make sure you have a site set up before you apply for any programs or you may get disapproved.

Once you have your site up, some blog posts, and some affiliate programs approved for your site your ready to start trying to get some back links to your site so you can get ranked in the search engines. The blog posts that you post to your site will also get ranked if you write good content. The one thing you must realize is that it takes time, hard work, and an understanding or knowledge of how to put all of this together.

 You may need some affiliate marketing online training before you begin. We provide some basic training on our affiliate training site. But if you are serious about having an online business get the training that will help you to become more successful.

We have checked out numerous programs and the one that has the best value, offers all the tools you need, has live chat training, provides coaching, and has a community of fellow internet marketers that have succeeded is Wealthy Affiliate. Take a look at their program and you be the judge. They are legitimate and have helped people succeed for around ten years with proven results. They have numerous affiliate marketing examples that work as long as you take action.

Let's talk about these back links that will help you getting your site ranked in the search engines. We are going to use a free method as our only back linking method. It is article marketing. So you will need to find an article submission site that will accept your articles and that can provide a back link back to your site.

There are many article submission sites on the web, just google it and you will see that there are many places to choose from. Today for affiliate marketing examples we will be using Street Articles because they are simple, easy, and provide you with two links from every article that you submit with over 400 words. Sign up for an account, it is free and a vast amount of knowledge can be acquired from just reading some of the articles they have from many authors.

 You can also check out a few articles so you have an idea how to write these articles. That is why you will view my profile on street articles so you have an opportunity to see some samples of articles. Remember you came looking for affiliate marketing examples and this is part of it in the big picture.

So now you have your site up with blog posts, affiliate programs, and you need to start submitting articles to your article directory that you choose. Like we said, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and your ability to take action for your site to get ranked. Keep adding blog posts, keep writing articles, and you will eventually get a ranking from the search engines.

One other tip is do not submit your site to google. Submit a couple of articles to a couple of different directories and your site will get a ranking faster based on my experience. The other thing that you benefit from using one article directory submission place is that you will develop a following within that community that will benefit you, your site, and your rankings. These are just a few affiliate marketing examples that you can benefit from when starting an online business.

Now lets look at a site that we talked about in the beginning of this blog as one of the affiliate marketing blogs. It is called Detroit Sports Gear. It is new and needs some major work. But it give you some insight on what a site will look like and how you can improve it with a little work. Feel free to make some comments on that blog so we can improve it from a consumers point of view. That is what you want your site to do is be consumer friendly. So give us a hand and give us your opinion even on this site because this site is also one of many affiliate marketing examples that can assist you when your ready to start an affiliate marketing online business.

Well you got a few affiliate marketing examples of some different areas that can assist you in your online business endeavors. We wish you all the success and help us by leaving a comment so we can improve our site. One last thing, get the training you need, work hard, and take action so that you can prosper. This is not a get rich business over night business. It takes time.

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