Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Text Message Affiliate Programs.

Text message affiliate programs are popping up all over the place. As an affiliate marketing coach I thought you might just want to know the skinny on some of the programs. They range in commissions from 10% to the highest we saw was 50%. Looks like a steady market for the next few years. Especially the way the smart phone sales are rocketing. Small business owners how have a way of bring back their customers with text message marketing.

This could be a very good opportunity to make some extra cash right in your own backyard. the local market is loaded with prospects. Pizza places, sports bars, restaurants, car dealerships, realtors, retail shops, and even spas and salons.

The affiliate marketing online coach found one particular company that uses a long code. They have a high payout in commissions. they also have a pay as you go that would benefit the small business owner. Unlimited keywords saving the consumer even more money. They also do not charge you the affiliate a monthly fee. Tootles is their name. Worth checking them out and compare what they offer verse everyone else in the market.

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