Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Website Traffic Generator

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We are always looking to get some free traffic and even a following of fellow internet marketers trying to do the same. I always like free and really like to take a couple of moments and show you how to create a free website traffic generator by writing articles. Some of us just do not want to spend the time doing this and are giving away a lot of free incoming traffic to your site. Some cannot think about what to write about. Your keywords need to be in your title. Make it interesting somehow. Lets give you an example on how to do this.

Step 1. Think of something your interested in. What is your site about. It could be baking pies, car parts, dog training, sports flags, how to plant a garden, traveling, valentines, it really does not matter.

Step 2. Type the word into google. I will use valentines. Google has something called instant search and as you type in your keyword it will give you suggestions valentines day movie, valentines day, valentines gifts, valentines gifts for her,  for guys, men and so on and so on. Are you getting the message. Google is giving you words that people type in searching for things. You can use these keywords to write an article and get traffic to your site.

Step 3. This is helping you create a free website traffic generator. Add a question to your niche. IE...who, what, when, where, and how are just a few. What valentines day means, what valentines dinner, what valentines gifts are just a beginning.

Step 4. Gather a list of these keywords and write them down. This is a list of ideas to write about.

Step 5. Find a keyword research tool and find out which ones have a low QSR. Quoted Search Results.
Training for winners will give you more details.

Step 6. Now it's your turn. repeat the process.

Step 7. Write an article, then submit it to your favorite article directory and your off and running.

By doing this just a few times a week will enable you to have a free website traffic generator that will create you a following, make you more efficient, and you will become an expert in your field. Not to mention that you know how 2 make money online. Just a little bit.

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